A Democratic seat ready to be won back

Republican registration has been trending downward for years and Democrats currently have a 4-point registration advantage.

In fact, Biden won the district by more than 8 points, an increase of 3 points from the 2016 cycle.

Pilar has a Clear Path to VICTORY.

Pilar starts with a strong base of support—from labor unions to neighborhood groups, Pilar’s organizing strengths have her firmly rooted in a community that is ready to support her. 

Pilar will have the resources needed to win. Democrats were shut out of the general election in 2020 because of weak fundraising—Pilar already broke a fundraising record for this district, raising more than any non- incumbent candidate in the shortest amount of time, with more than $120,000 raised in less than six weeks.

Pilar entered the race with strong endorsements from elected officials, community leaders, and labor unions and will continue to earn endorsements early from a broad coalition of supporters.