As an Assemblymember, Pilar will expand worker's rights, guarantee healthcare for all, enact real solutions for the housing crisis, invest in quality public education and child care, ensure we always provide support for our veterans and seniors in need, take bold actions on protecting the climate, and root out injustice, all while fighting back against corporations and special interests. Pilar has organized on the very best state and local efforts to deliver on healthcare access, the environment, worker's rights, and more. She has pledged to put patients over profits and refuses to take donations from healthcare corporations, Big Oil and Gas, and special interests. As a mom and parent actively involved in supporting public schools, Pilar is committed to ensuring every child has a quality education and a future to look forward to. And as a co-founder of the West Valley People’s Alliance (WVPA), Pilar brought together neighbors and advocates to work toward solutions to address structural racism and provide a safe and clean environment for our community. She's ready to deliver for our community, as she has throughout her career, starting on day one.