For years, Pilar has been a strong advocate in our community for real solutions to the housing and homelessness crisis. Pilar co-founded West Valley Homes Yes (WVHY), a nonprofit which has the largest homeless outreach program in the San Fernando Valley, providing more than 20,000 meals in the first year since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Pilar also co-founded the West Valley People’s Alliance (WVPA), where she and the WVPA volunteer teams connect unhoused neighbors with housing, hygiene supplies, and resources during weekly outreach. Through WVHY and WVPA, Pilar has advocated for policy solutions to our homelessness crisis and to stop band-aid solutions that waste taxpayer dollars, moving people from one sidewalk to another, without getting anyone off the streets. Pilar has worked for housing solutions and will fight for housing that we can afford. Housing is unaffordable for too many, and coming out of the economic challenges of the pandemic, we must make sure people have the support they need to stay in their homes and access to housing our community can afford.