Pilar Schiavo Condemns Valladares Fundraising

Schiavo invites Democratic challengers to join clean money pledges

Chatsworth, CA -- Today, Pilar Schiavo released the following statement condemning Republican Suzette Valladres’ fundraising and inviting her Democratic opponents to join her in rejecting contributions from similar sources. 

“The communities in Assembly District 38 deserve a representative who will always put their priorities and needs first. That’s why I was horrified to see the money our current Republican representative - Suzette Valladares - took to support her re-election campaign. Valladares is funded by corporations, special interest, and dark money from the oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, and money directly connected to right-wing extremists. These interests have shown us time and again that they put their own profits over people, and they use elected officials to help advance their agenda. Taking their money makes it abundantly clear where Suzette’s priorities lie - with big money special interests over our community. 

When I launched my campaign, I promised that our community would be my only priority, and I would always stand up for them against the corporations and special interests working to put their agenda above ours. That’s why from the start, I pledged to never take a dime from corporations, the oil and gas industry, or insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Their money will never be as important to me as the health, safety, and well-being of our community. 

And that’s why today, I am also inviting the other Democratic challengers in this race - Jonathan Ahmadi and Annie Cho - to take the same pledges. As Democrats, we need to be as united as possible to ensure we have a representative who truly puts our district first, above politics and above special interest money. Being transparent about the money we all take and what we will prioritize as legislators is critical to earn the trust of our community. 

I hope Jonathan and Annie will join me in publicly pledging to not take any money from corporations, the fossil fuel industry, and the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. I know that together, our communities can have the representation we deserve.”

Schiavo’s statement comes on the heels of announcing a record-setting fundraising haul of more than $120,000 in less than six weeks, as well as growing support from elected officials, community leaders, and labor unions across California. 

Pilar has spent her career working to uplift working families. For almost 13 years, Pilar worked with California Nurses Association (CNA), most recently deploying nurses for disaster relief and humanitarian missions. She's also worked with UNITE-HERE Local 11, SEIU, AFL-CIO, the San Francisco Labor Council, all with the one goal of uplifting families. Pilar has been active in her community for years, initiating and co-founding West Valley Homes YES! (WVHY) and the West Valley People's Alliance (WVPA), serving on the PTA at her daughter's public school, and was elected to the Leadership & School Site Councils. Pilar lives with her daughter Sofia and her stepdaughter Germany in Chatsworth. More at