Pilar has a clear path to flip AD40. With redistricting, the demographics of this district have changed and this seat is solid blue – we now have more than an 11-point Democratic advantage. The people of AD40 are ready to elect a candidate with the broadest coalition, support of working families, and the proven ability to raise the funds necessary for a strong campaign. 

Pilar is that candidate.

Together, we are certain to win this.


If you're voting by mail or dropbox: Voting by mail can be a little confusing. Read the instructions below for if you need to.

  • Pilar’s name is the 2nd one on the ballot under the race for Assembly District 40. Color in the circle next to her name to vote for her.  
  • Put the ballot in the envelope, seal it, and sign & date the back of the envelope where it says “Voter Sign Here”. You must sign and date the envelope for your vote to count.
  • If mailing: No postage needed. Put your ballot in your own mailbox for your letter carrier to pick up or take it to the post office.  
  • If dropbox: Put your ballot in an election dropbox to be picked up by election workers. Dropboxes will be open soon all over the area. Find a drop box near you
  • If you're voting in person: If you’re going to vote in person, we now have vote centers instead of polling places. There are fewer of them, but you’ll still be able to vote in person 4-10 days before Election Day. It’s very convenient because you can vote at any Vote Center in the county, not just one by your house. Find a Vote Center near you.  

learn everything you need to know about voting in LA County at

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